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Balling on a Budget! The Best Paintball Setup for Under 500 dollars January 2019 Edition

Balling on a Budget!  The Best Paintball Setup for Under 500 dollars January 2019 Edition

 One of the most common questions we are asked in the shop here is “What set up will get me the best value for my money AND maximize my performance on the paintball field”.  Often times when doing anything on a budget you find yourself being forced to cut corners and make difficult decisions.  I’m here to take away all of that stress and get you a paintball set up you can rock week after week and won’t force you to eat Ramen noodles for the next six months.

The Marker: Planet Eclipse Emek 100 - $219.99

The Emek from Planet Eclipse has taken the entry level paintball market by storm.  The gun is chock full of features and value which makes the price point completely mind blowing.  The marker itself is made of composite plastic with only the ASA, Trigger, Drive Core and Barrel being made of metal.  This ensures bulletproof construction combined with a weight even our tiniest child soldier can wield for an entire day.  The low pressure Gama Core which powers the marker has been proven time and again to be essentially the AK-47 of the paintball world.  No matter how much abuse and mismanagement is thrown its way the marker will keep on plowing through it and get the job done.  The Emek is a mechanical marker but don’t let this fool you.  Unlike traditional Mech markers the Emek uses a special firing system that takes away many of the moving parts and replaces them with a simple pneumatic switch.  This allows the gun to simulate the trigger pull and rate of fire of many modern day electros. 

The Loader: Dye Rotor LTR –$99.99

When the Rotor burst on the market more than a decade ago it was as if a Genie came out of a bottle and asked us exactly what every paintball loader at the time was lacking.  Finally a force fed loader that wasn’t the shape or size of a tug boat that could be fully disassembled without needing an entire team of elves from MIT.  Fast Forward 10 or so years and Dye has repackaged that proven platform into a no frills option that gives us the proven performance, feed rate and reliability that we have known over the past decade.  The loader itself can achieve feed rates of over 20 balls a second and can eject an entire hopper full of paint in seconds. This pairs perfectly with the Emek in that the force feed nature of the Rotor will ensure a consistent rate of fire and it will also offset the lack of electronic eyes in the marker preventing any possible ball breaks.

Air System: Tippmann 48/3000 – $49.99

Compressed air is the only option available for the planet eclipse Emek.  Luckily, cost effective options are widely available.  Because of how efficient the Emek is you should easily be able to pull 600-700 shots on a full 3000psi fill.  This is a aluminum compressed air tank so it is slightly heavier than its bigger carbon fiber brothers HOWEVER this weight difference is completely offset by the composite construction of the Emek Marker.

Goggles: V-Force Profilers – $59.95

The V-Force Profiler is another product that regardless of its age it still finds a home on the modern day paintball field and continues to be one of the most common sights at your local field.  The goggles come stock with a Thermal Pane lens and this ensures a fog free adventure even for our heaviest mouth breathers.  The goggles are available in a wide array of colors and this ensures that whatever style you are shooting for can easily be achieved.  Profilers lenses are available at essentially any paintball facility as the goggles are manufactured by one of the industry giants GI Sportz.  The lenses retail for around 30 bucks so replacing them when needed won’t hurt the bank account too much either.

Pod Pack: Empire React Pack 3+6 $39.95

Running out of ammunition during your adventure isn’t an option so it’s important that you are able to carry enough extra clips on you to make it until your next trip to the staging area.  The Empire React 3+6 is the perfect tool for this job.  The Pack itself carries 3x 140 round tubes in the primary carrying pockets which when added to the 200 shots we already have in our loader makes roughly 600 rounds.  This fits perfectly with the capacity of our air tank and ensures you will have just the right amount of paint.  In the future if you decide to upgrade your compressed air tank to a larger size the pack has the capability to carry up to 6 more pods in the auxiliary loops.

The Verdict:

This setup cruises in at right about 470 dollars which in my opinion is a great starting point for a set up that 1. Gets you EVERYTHING you need and 2. Doesn’t sacrifice on performance.  Of course there is upgraded options available for every item on this list but these can all be acquired in due time.  Our ultimate goal is to get you on the field as soon as possible and as often as possible.  Paintball equipment is an investment and it’s not doing anything for you collecting dust in your closet.  Every one of these items can be found on and remember any marker purchased from us comes with a LIFETIME LABOR WARRANTY!!!!!

GET OUT AND PLAY!!!!!!!!!!!

Paul Laska

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