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Five Must Have Items for Every Paintballer in 2019

Five Must Have Items for Every Paintballer in 2019

Well that’s it folks!  The groundhogs have spoken and it’s looking like rodent witchcraft is going to be putting the brakes on winter.  I understand the appeal of hot cocoa around the fire but the thaw signifies the start to the best time of the year for every paintball player.  It’s time for us to dust off our gear and get ready to take advantage of those spring temperatures.  I’m sure the holiday season was generous to most of us but here are five must have items that you will use every time you step on the field and Santa could have possibly overlooked.

 DYE Multi-tool

Dye DM Multi-Tool

I don’t know about you guys, but my paintball tool kit is a cross between a sack of loose change and a 5 year olds toy chest.  When it was time to get on the field in a hurry it was impossible for me to find the proper size hex key or whatever Gadget I was looking for in that particular moment.  The Dye DM Multi-tool has enough accessories that even MacGyver would look on in envy.  The tool comes with a full set of your most common hex wrenches, knife, two o-ring picks, standard and Phillips screwdrivers and a bottle opener to crack your favorite beverage while your friends question all of your war stories.  This single item can replace at least five in your tool kit saving you a great deal of space and above all hassle.  Having what you need exactly when you need is a resource that cannot be measured.

Exalt Barrel Maid

Exalt Barrel Maid

The Exalt Barrel maid truly represents what I think is the pinnacle in squeegee technology.  It combines two staple designs into one compact package that simply gets the job done.  The front rubber plunger will compress when pushed into a barrel allowing it to pass all of the paint on the way down.  When the squeegee is pulled outward the plunger will expand taking all of the paint with it.  Flipping the barrel maid over provides you with a fluffy end that will buff your barrel to a mirrored finish and have you shooting straight ropes again without having to exit the field of battle.  The Exalt barrel maid is actually two pieces joined by a flexible rubber joint allowing it to be folded in half and put into the squeegee pocket on a traditional pair of paintball pants or it will fit perfectly into the front pocket of any regular pair of BDU pants. The product is available in a wide variety of colors to fit whatever the theme of the day is.

HK Army Headband

HK Army Headband

A product that combines both unmatched style and functionality cannot be left off this list.  HK Army has set the gold standard in our industry for years when it comes to head gear style.  The new line of headbands continues to put the pedal to the metal delivering some of the most iconic patterns that exist in our industry including the legendary “Flying Skulls”.  More importantly you’ll be able to acquire this style at a price that will not require you to auction off a kidney. In terms of functionality, as the temperature rises heading into spring and inevitably summer the terry cloth backing on these headbands does an amazing job keeping the sweat out of your eyes and that moisture out of the inside of your goggles.  This prevents lens condensation and makes for an all around better playing experience.  These headbands are also some of the most stable I’ve ever worn and will keep your goggles securely planted to the back of your dome and ensure you don’t become a victim of the dreaded “Low Strap Syndrome”

paintball ball hauler

Gen X Ball Hauler

Filling pods is definitely one of the more tedious tasks when it comes to playing paintball. Filling pods from a bag can end up being a mess and often times you are left with a half full bag of paint that’s going to bake in the sun or end up all over the trunk of your car.  The Gen X Ball Hauler solves all of those problems.  The large opening in the top allows you to fill up the vessel without the risk of spilling paint all over the place.  The fill spout on the side of the hauler matches up perfectly with a standard size pod and allows for a seamless flow topping off a pod in seconds. Both the top and side openings of the Hauler securely snap closed keeping all of the paint on the inside where it belongs.

Exalt Goggle Case

Exalt V3 Goggle Case

Undoubtedly the second most precious piece of paintball equipment we own is our goggles.  The Exalt V3 Goggle case ensures that we keep them looking pristine and new.  The goggle case itself comes with a steel support frame which means that it can take some punishment.  A paintball gear bag can be a pretty grim place especially for an item that is prone to damage and especially scratching.  Here is the answer to both of those problems.  The V3 goggle case comes in at right around 29.99 retail which is about 2/3rds the cost of a set of lenses on any high end paintball mask.  If you find yourself able to preserve one extra set of lenses or able to keep the wear and tear to a minimum this item will surely pay for itself 2 or 3 times over each season especially for an active baller.

Each item on this list by itself will make your day of play that much better, BUT when you combine all five they come together like the five lions of Voltron and will make you the ultimate paintball force in the universe.  Be sure to check out for all of these items and pretty much to have all your wildest dreams fulfilled.

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Paul Laska



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