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How to prepare for your first Big Game

Being Ready for your First Scenario/Big Game – Tips and Tricks


Making the jump from your weekly walk on play to larger scenario games can be an intimidating one.  However, there is no need to fear as I am about to drop the knowledge that will make your first big game experience an exceptional one and ensure you’ll be counting the days until you step back onto the battlefield.

Depending on your local field the weekly turnout can range anywhere from 15-100 people, split into smaller groups playing on fields that generally range in size from 1-3 acres and last anywhere from 10-20 minutes.  Your premier big game experience can feature upwards of two thousand people on a field that’s 50-60 acres and can go on for upwards of 24 hours.  Obviously both of these situations are going to offer very different experiences and I can promise you with a little bit of preparation your first event will be something you never forget.

So the best piece of advice I can offer people heading out to a big game for the first time is to be open! Paintball is a sport that while its fun on your own its always better with friends.  In the modern age of social media and forums most fields will create event pages or threads on all the hottest paintball websites ( is a great resource). This is the place you can find ballers with similar expectations and experience levels attending the same event as you.  Being able to have a solid core group of paintball friends to roll with that day, will make the event that much more enjoyable and will ensure you have lasting memories. 

My next piece of advice is to GET INVOLVED.  Like the real world military, most events will have some type of command structure for each team with a “General” and other accompanying “officers”. These people are often times members of local teams that have experience playing on that particular field and they will be able to steer you to where the action is.  If you really want the full experience you can participate in smaller side missions.  Generally scenario games revolve around a similar format to “Domination” in the popular video game Call of Duty with the winning team holding control points throughout the field for longer periods of time.  However, many times the organizers will offer smaller side missions which are worth a significant amount of points and can really push your team over the top in terms of victory.  This is where it’s a good thing to have a solid group of people to run with to help complete these objectives. 

Outside of the actual playing paintball portion of big game there are definitely a few things you need to keep in mind to ensure you have a great time.  The first is proper equipment.  Make sure you have comfortable footwear that will be conducive to 7+ hours of running through the woods.  Prepare for all sorts of weather.  Dressing in layers is a great idea as you’ll be able to adjust for whatever temperature mother-nature decides to throw your way.  A good microfiber cloth and Barrel swab is crucial and will help to keep you on the field throughout the day (Exalt Paintball offers great options).  I can’t stress my next point enough HYDRATION.  It’s important to begin preparing at least a day in advance.  Be sure to drink plenty of water so your body is ready for the adventure you’re about to put it through.  The morning of I suggest a light breakfast and a Gatorade to get your blood pumping.  Your harness while great for carrying extra ammunition, will fit a 16 ounce bottle of water and being able to sneak a quick drink in a safe area will help you maintain your stamina throughout the day. 

There are many great options that exist for scenario/big games throughout this country.  A few of my favorites are the Dark ops games which take place twice a year at the Cousins Paintball field in Manchester New  Jersey and the “Big Game” which takes place on Long Island.  You can get more info on these games by heading over to

Scenario paintball is the closest you can come to playing in a real life version of the game “battlefield” mixed with “man hunt”.  Like they say in GI-Joe “Knowing is half the battle” and by following these few simple tips it will take an experience that is exceptional and really take it to the next level and have you craving more. 

Be sure to check out the events page on www. or search out Cousins Paintball on Facebook for all the latest news on our scenario events.  You can also check out the “Scenario and Big Game” forum on PB Nation for other events that take place throughout this country. 


Paul Laska – Minister of fun and magic

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