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Planet Eclipse MG100

Planet Eclipse Emek MG 100

The sun has set on the largest yearly trade show in the paintball industry.  Once a year the top executives in our sport converge just outside of Washington DC for an event known as Paintball Extravaganza.  It is during this time companies showcase the items that will grace the shelves of your favorite paintball brick and mortar or online retailer.  Every show it seems that one item has the capability to steal all the air out of the room and really make the industry buzz. For me in 2019 this item was the Planet Eclipse MG 100 mag-fed Paintball Marker.

Planet Eclipse MG100

Whispers of the MG100 have been floating around since world cup 2018. I will be honest; I never really dove into the world of magazine fed paintball.  The look and functionality of most mag-fed guns really turned me away.  Current industry offerings seemed to really be focused on military simulation and with this came a loss of practicality. Furthermore up until recently the mag-fed options lacked overall performance as compared to their traditional paintball counterparts in the same price category.  Planet Eclipse has taken all of those qualms and blew them away with their most recent creation.

The MG100 is based off the proven Emek platform which I would consider the MUST HAVE paintball marker of 2019.  The unmatched reliability of the Gamma Core and the overall performance of the marker puts it leaps and bounds ahead of any other mechanical shooter and essentially any paintball marker in the sub 300 dollar price category. The MG100 takes that bullet proof platform and makes it mag-fed capable in a marker that looks like it would be right at home in the most recent Battle Royale hit “Apex Legends”.  The sci-fi look of the marker strips away much of the unnecessary aesthetic baggage of traditional mag fed offerings.  This really nailed home the point for making essentially what I call a “players marker” that while still looking pleasing to the eye is built to rack up as high of a kill count as possible without burdening its driver with excessive weight or cumbersome extras.

Eclipse MG100 Mag Well

In terms of performance, the MG100 itself is capable of firing both traditional paintballs and First Strike rounds.  The marker uses the same magazine well and magazines as a Dye DAM which makes a nearly endless supply of clips available at launch.  The most common can be found in a set of 2 with each holding 20 shots.  The “Gamma Core” from Planet has shown to be extremely air efficient and the capacity of your most common paintball tanks will surely outlive the amount of magazines you could possibly physically carry.  As an additional accessory introduced at Extravaganza a stock which houses a 13ci compressed air tank was seen.  Based on beta test reports, the MG100 should easily get 230-250 shots off of this tank size if you are controlling your rate of fire.

Let’s get down to the brass tacks - PRICING AND AVAILABILITY. The Emek MG100 will roll in at right around $379.99 and should be hitting shelves sometime this spring (April is my best guess but don’t quote me on that).  This is for the base marker without the tank/stock combo.  Reportedly, the marker will come with two magazines, a dummy mag (for hopper play) and a feed neck. Currently magazines are offered in a 2 pack (20 round mags) at a price of $24.99 so if anyone is looking to stock up prior to the release of the marker we will have you covered!

With the current explosion of Mag Fed Paintball which we have seen locally, I cannot wait to snag one of these markers on day one.  Locally we have seen mag fed games of well over 1,000 players and I have been locked out because I lacked the desire to purchase one of the current choices available. I hope that more people see this marker and decide to take the dive into this up and coming form of paintball.  Please let us know on our Facebook page if you are excited about the MG100 or what else from Paintball Extravaganza caught your eye.


Paul Laska

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