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Smart Parts Lives On

Smart Parts Smart Parts Impulse

Smart Parts Lives On

The company may have gone out of business (they went into liquidation 10 years ago – on July, 28, 2010, to be exact), but the name carries on due to the popularity of the Smart Parts Impulse and other products that you can find at Shop Cousins Paintball in Deer Park, New York – and, of course, online. 

It’s a shame that a company that could make products that people still want to use 10 or 20 years later (can you imagine wanting to use a 20-year old cell phone, TV, car or computer?) couldn’t make it, but at least we have something to remember them by.

The History of the Smart Parts Impulse

Smart Parts introduced the Impulse in 2000. They offered a number of improvements over Smart Parts’ previous paintball markers. In the first place, the Impulse from Smart Parts used a "stacked-tube" hammer/valve layout. That means the design featured two bores; the bolt was on top and the hammer was on bottom. 

Compared to its predecessor, the Shocker Sport made by Smart Parts, an Impulse

  • Weighed less
  • Cost less
  • Had a more efficient tank and
  • Fired faster


Not surprising then that the Smart Parts Impulse became one of the most popular choices for those who loved paintball. 

In 2009, a new Impulse from Smart Parts hit the market. With this version, the company wasn’t shooting for the popular, low-cost market. The new Impulse was a high-end marker that featured a ram-driven operation. It wasn’t the first high-end marker the company produced. The DLX Luxe was already available – and some of its upscale features, like the internal gas system, made their way into the new, fancier Impulse. 

When Smart Parts liquidated, KEE Action Sports, which is the source for Empire™ products – including the Empire Mini GS – which reviews praise – acquired the company’s assets at the time.  

If you’d like to know more about the ongoing popularity of the Impulse from Smart Parts

Please call 631-243-1100.

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