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Cousins Army

Cousins Army
We are proud of our latest program to help grow paintball. The Cousins Army is designed to support regular players and offer exclusive benefits that will keep them playing strong.
When you join the Cousins Army, you get a really awesome barrel blocker as your id tag. Plus some amazing benefits…
With your Cousins Army Barrel Cover, you get free public admission on the first Sunday of every month.
There are two family and friends days per year that you allow you to bring your guests to play for free as well.
Cousins Army members are offered special sales, a secret paintball facebook group, and other great top secret promotions.
Three Ways to Sign Up
Joining is easy……
Just stop into any Cousins Retail Outlet.
  • Free- with any gear purchase of $300 or more

  • $19.95 with any gear purchase of $150.

  • $79.95 to purchase with gear

The barrel covers are dated and will offer a minimum of 1 year of membership into the Cousins Army. All members must fill out a registration form. Lost barrel covers must be purchased at $19.95. A player who is not a registered member cannot receive the benefits and will have the cover confiscated.