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Planet Eclipse Emek Pro/ Comp

Planet Eclipse Emek Pro/ Comp


The Pro/ Comp comes with the most popular Emek upgrades already installed


Emek 100

Inception Designs Fang Trigger

Planet Eclipse POPS ASA

Inception Designs Genesis Barrel

Mechanical.  Unstoppable.  The  Eclipse  Emek.

The Eclipse Emek is an entry-level mechanical paintball marker aimed at giving players a higher quality marker experience from the get-go. Combining industry-leading performance technologies with trademark Planet Eclipse reliability and build quality, the Emek is a marker that will not only give players the best start in paintball, but will inspire and enable them to play more and enjoy every second they spend on the field.

Planet  Eclipse  has  over  26  years  of  experience  in  designing  and  building  some  of  the  most  luxurious,  exclusive  and  high  performance  tournament  paintball  markers  in  the  world.  By  utilizing  that  experience  Eclipse  have  managed  to  capture  the  essence  of  the  high-end  marker  and  encapsulate  it  in  a  genuine,  entry-level,  mechanical  marker  for  the  very  first  time.By  using  the  iconic  Gamma  Core  drivetrain  activated  by  a  super-robust  mechanical  3-way  valve,  the  Emek  brings  the  shot  characteristics,  dynamics  and  feel  of  a  modern  hose-less  high-end  marker  at  an  incredibly  competitive  entry-level  price.  It  is  lightweight,  ergonomic,  supremely  reliable,  smooth,  efficient,  quiet  and  robust.  It’s  simple  to  operate  requiring  no  adjustments  or  tuning,  just  set  the  velocity,  flip  the  safety  latch  to  Fire,  and  go  play.  There  are  no  springs  to  change  or  mess  with,  no  sears  to  wear  or  snap,  just  the  revolutionary  Gamma  Core  and  it’s  purely  pneumatic  self-timed  firing  mechanism  that  any  player,  no  matter  how  experienced,  can  fire  quickly  and  accurately  all  day,  every  day.  The  advanced  bolt  and  drivetrain  design  combined  with  the  incredibly  low  operating  pressure  and  Deftek  feed  also  mean  that  paint  breakages  in  the  marker  will  be  virtually  non-existent  so  you  can  concentrate  on  the  game,  not  cleaning  your  equipment.The  Emek  has  been  designed  to  give  players  a  better  playing  experience.  So  they  can  enjoy  the  game  rather  than  worry  about  their  equipment.  It’s  here  to  set  a  new  benchmark  for  what  to  expect  from  an  entry-level  mechanical  marker.  It’s  a  new  beginning.

Emek Features

Powered by the Gamma Core spool valve drivetrain
Safe/Fire safety switch
50cal and 68cal versions available
GRN composite outer body
Aluminium inner body core
Single-piece GRN frame and foregrip
Hose-less air transfer system
Tool-less grip access/removal
DefTek offs

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